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Translate PDF, DOCX, XLSX, EPUB, and PO files using GPT while preserving the document format.

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With powerful contextual understanding, GPT achieves nearly human-like natural language processing results. It continuously learns to optimize efficiency while maintaining translation accuracy and naturalness.

Context understanding

Automation efficiency


Format preservation

Real-time learning



How to use GPT to translate EPUB files


1. Visit OfficeTranslator

Access Translate page >>
May require completing the login operation.

2. Upload document

OfficeTranslator Supports common document formats,.PDF、.DOCX、.XLSX、.EPUB、.PO ...

3. Select language

Select source language and target language
OfficeTranslator Support more than 50 languages

4. Start translation

It may take a few minutes, no need to wait on the page
After translation is completed, we will send an email notification.

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PDF translation
PDF translation

PDF documents are widely used in software technology, finance, law, international trade, and other fields.

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DOCX translation
Product manual translation

100% preserve the original format of the product manual, easily achieve multilingual

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