By Ethan 2023-10-14

GPT translation supports website internationalization.

GPT translation helps us generate multilingual websites, making the website more international.

What is website internationalization?

Website internationalization refers to adjusting and optimizing websites to meet the needs and cultural habits of users in different countries and regions. This includes multilingual support, time zone and currency adaptation, content and design localization, as well as international SEO work.

What is the use of website internationalization?

By internationalizing the website, the coverage of the website can be expanded, attracting global users, promoting cross-border communication and business development. In this way, users can interact with the website in their familiar language, usage habits, and cultural background, enhancing user experience and satisfaction.

How do we internationalize websites?

There won't be too many technical details here. If you are interested in specific technologies, feel free to join our translation community for discussions:Discord

Multilingual support

Example of website multilingual files

Usually, technicians export all the text on the website as .po files and hand them over to translators. After the translation is completed, the translators submit the translated text to the developers for website configuration.

The various language versions of our website shown in the figure are generated using GPT translation. Currently, our multilingual translation is entirely handled by GPT. Based on our experience, GPT is competent enough for this manual translation work.

Developers only need to upload the .po file, and our translation program will output the translation in the original format for developers to download and configure.


  • Low cost: Our website supports 11 languages, and the cost has been reduced by dozens of times compared to the previous manual translation method.

  • More efficient: As the function iterates, the copy usually needs to be updated. If manual translation is used, you have to wait for the translator to complete the translation before releasing it, which usually takes 1-2 days. Now, with GPT translation, just upload the .po file and the translation will be completed in seconds.


  • Translation verification: For familiar languages, we can easily judge the accuracy of the translation, but for unfamiliar languages, we can only seek the help of professional proofreaders. However, based on our experience, GPT has a high level of accuracy.

  • Handling plurals and verbs: Without context, GPT may make incorrect judgments about plurals and verbs. In such cases, we will manually modify the translation and change the necessary parts to plural or verb forms.